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I do so owe an apology to my friends who have messaged over the past week…I unfortunately have been out of touch tending to family since 9/18! I’m trying to go through my messages, lol, but it does get kind of confusing…if you’ve met me, this is no surprise…so if you have thought it was odd I haven’t gotten back to you this week…PLEASE feel free to send another message

Slender and petite at 5’4”, 110lbs…long brown hair, bright blue eyes…and equipped with an arsenal of matching panties that give me an unparalleled confidence…I’m lucky enough to submerse myself in a world of simple pleasures…care to join me?

I have an insane ability to make people feel comfortable…to create an escape and forget that the rest of the world exists…if only for a few hours…

I revel in the time I’m given to make a person feel good about themselves…and simply feel good in general…I feel everyone deserves that moment…including myself, lol…


Intermission (60min) - $350

A Moment To Relax (90min) - $500

Get To Know Each Other (2hrs) - $600

Appetizers or Dinner To Start (3hrs) - $800

Boston Incall Package* (2hrs) - $800

*this requires booking of a room in advance and while I so very much understand that sometimes life just happens…I do ask for a $250 gratuity payable through Amazon Gift Card if you have to cancel within 48hrs

Fly Me To You Package** (6hrs) - $2400

This package is my travel expenses and a 6hr date with yours truly, lol…if you can’t hang out that long in one day, no worries, we can always have 2 shorter dates :)

**50% deposit is due before booking to cover hotel and travel

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